Just what I was waiting for

We’ve been dreaming of snow! We’ve jumped up every morning and peeked out our windows…..just hoping for a glimpse of the white beauty and the soft hush that it always brings with it. Nope! Not until…..TODAY!  We’re enjoying it on this lazy Sunday afternoon (it’s kick-off time for the COLTS!!) and the pigs-in-blanket are ready…..so we’ll snuggle down and cheer on our team while the snow falls quietly outside our windows!

Here’s a  bit of what’s been going on while we were waiting on the snow!

Baking these!  PS, Pioneer Woman rocks!  Date nut bars  (recipe here)

Creating special memories for a hard working son!

Watching eyes dance over an antique dressing table!

Modeling….check out the classy look and the Wii! Stunning!

Boxing until you nearly need an ambulance….right honey?

Tried on some sweet suits! Still lookin for just the right one!

Huggin on my sweetboy! Who knew college would come so fast?

Training the young ones how to use the hair-dini! Or is it a hair-turby?

Redecorating with new curtains, lights and dressing table! Pretty!

Playing for hours on your ipod! Who cares how you look?

My guys! Never too cool for pictures!

And finally….what we’ve all been waiting for!

Hello…..my friend! What took you so long? 🙂

It’s been a good day! Church, family time, snow and THE COLTS! Will they beat the Jets? Ahhh, looks like….NO! Such a bummer! 🙁
I hope your Christmas break has been as much fun as ours. God has been very good to us….in spite of what we deserve!

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