Linky Must Reads

Oh my goodness! There are some funny people out here in blogville! I just thought I’d share some linky lovin! If you need something good to move you beyond where you currently are…..then click away my friends!
Just click away!

Stuff Christians Like (Oh my goodness this is cute!)

Living Proof Ministries (ya’ll Beth Moore is so danged funny!)

The SITS girls! (Wow….lots of giveaways going on!)

Sweet Jeanette (These notes to God….are priceless!)

The More The Messier (Scroll down to How to Annoy Teenagers….you’ll be so glad you did)

My Charming Kids–MckMama (I love this…..I needed to see it)

A Holy Experience–Ann your words……move me! (Want to hear from Him? Me too)

Sharing is a good thing….right? I hope you find something that makes you smile or laugh…..but most of all, I hope your heart feels a little of something mine does when I read the words of a fellow believer.

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