What’s the message?

I have this thing about my kids….I’m a lot like a Mama bear! I feel compelled to protect them (it’s in my blood!). My own mama was much the same…maybe even worse! She butted in when she shouldn’t have most of my life. It’s ok, I didn’t turn out that bad! Still, she could’ve looked the other way on some things….but she just couldn’t!

I’ve tried to be a lot more removed from my kids issues. Some things they just have to work out and go through. It’s how God works and I don’t want to interfere with Him. Many times I’ve cried and prayed over something going on that I couldn’t stand to see in my kids lives. Always, God handles….what I know I can’t!

That’s all I can do. If one of my kids needs me to handle something (specifically) I will do it. It’s my job to try anyway. I’m just thankful that I have the relationship with all three of them that allows us to communicate and work through whatever comes up. I have a responsibility to lead and guide them…..in every way.

Even when they are gone to college!

Gavin left to go back to college life on Saturday. It was hard after having him around for over 2 weeks. I couldn’t help but get a bit weepy as he left. 🙁 I miss him. He’s very special and important to me. That’s what mama’s do! They love their children FOREVER! And always long to see them again!

So, getting this message today as he was heading to his first class of his second semester was…..well, I’ll let you tell me how you’d feel!

“I don’t know what He is saying, but I feel like God is screaming something at me right now as I ready myself for my first class this semester. Prayers please.”

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the reminder that you don’t just have to speak to me to get to my children.  I get it!  They are able to hear you even if I’m not around.  I know this….yet I hold on thinking it’s my job!  I pray for Gavin as he listens to you that he would get a clear answer to what it is you have for him.  Open his eyes…..and ears and speak!  He’s sure you have something very important for him and he doesn’t want to miss it!  Lord, neither do I.


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