Am I the only one……having a day that will go down in trainwreck history? I literally feel like I’m spiraling down into a stress oblivion! Crazy stuff keeps happening! I seriously can’t take another thing!

My girls have been arguing! To the point of physical fighting. YES, I SAID FIGHTING! I cannot tell you how crazy that makes me. Who answers their problems with physical violence? Savages? Yes! Have we reached that point? Obviously!

I’m thinking of running away!

Ally had a student council meeting after school (the teacher said a 30 minute meeting). Around 40 minutes later, she sent me a text that they were still going strong. I decided I would go walk with my friend for exercise and make good use of my waiting time. We get half-way around the school building and I get another text (meet me at the car, I’m finished!). I head back to the car and sit for 15 minutes waiting…..and waiting…….until she finally comes out.

While we were at school, I let Gates catch a ride home with her boyfriend Cj (we have a rule….no one home? no boys inside without supervision!). So for the hour we were at school….Gates and Cj were standing outside waiting on us to arrive. In yucky weather!

We arrive home, after 4:00pm and as soon as I walk in….I see it! DOG BARF!! All over the living room rug. Our dog, Maggie threw up in two huge spots on the floor. I cannot take the horror! Puke is not my thing. Seriously. I turn this job over to hubby…and he was NOWHERE near home! So, needless to say….I was totally freaking out!

I start dinner because I am so dang tired if I don’t…there will be no meal at suppertime. I decide that I should check around for more dog problems and find that Lizzy our little poodle has done a #2 on the rug in the hallway. Grrr! I am ready to do a dog send-off by this point. I even declare……I’m not going to miss these dogs when they’re gone! Mean, I know….but come on! I hate puke and poop on my floors! I clean up the poo and the toilet flushes until it has NO water left. Hmm, that’s weird. Later I go in and “use” the toilet and keep thinking….why am I getting splashed here? Then, stick my hand into a pot of water! The toilet was over full!
Can you hear what I’m saying? My toilet… now full to the VERY TOP! I go for the plunger…..IT’S GONE!

Do you get what I’m saying? Every little thing has seemed compounded! I didn’t even mention the all through dinner arguing by the entire family. It was enough to make reality tv.

At work, one of my co-workers shared with me an article in today’s paper about our future job loss expectation. Yea, it’s not looking like I’ll have a job much longer. I feel the pressure everyday. Many in my school do as well. No one knows……is it me? According to the paper, it could be many. Over 1.5 million in cuts from our school district alone. I need my job!

What is the deal? I need a break! I feel overwhelmed, under-appreciated and aggrevated! I need a Holy intervention, now!

Lord, rain down your love and mercy on me. I need you. I hunger and thirst for you. My heart is overwhelmed and things seem to be swirling out of control. Help me to focus on what is important and let go of what I don’t need to worry about.

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