Goin to the Super Bowl!

Ally, Me, Gates & Tyler partying before the game!!

It’s what we’ve been working towards all season! No, I don’t have a mouse in my pocket! I just think like I’m on the team…..afterall, I do watch every game (Colts that is)! Today was the most anticipated game yet. We planned and prepped until we were almost too late to bother watching.

Oh….the handy dvr! It is our friend! We managed just fine zipping through all those commercials. Our beloved Colts struggled a bit there at the first half….but pulled it off when it counts most. Whew! I can’t describe the happy dance going on in my heart! My people, are so excited! It is going to be a great Super Bowl XLIV!

Now…..who will be there with us? Hmmm, I call New Orleans! Plus, I bet hubby and Gavin that it would be Colts vs. Saints. If I win….I get a new purse. TJ Maxx discount purse that is. Maybe someday…..a Coach or a Dooney! But not this time. 🙂

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