Happy Birthday Mary aka Nana

It’s not everyday that a daughter-in-law can say she really loves her mother-in-law! I’m blessed enough to realize what a gem I have in the lady who raised allowed him to live my husband. She had her work cut out for her from the get-go with that fella! But for me, I’m glad she made it (and him too). He’s a wonderful man and I credit her with much of that outcome! Thank you, dear MIL for him.

Today is your special day! Every single time this day comes around…..I and my family are far far away! It comes quietly upon us and swishes out just as fast (your birthday, your anniversaries, your…life). We seem to miss out (and so do you) on what’s happening in one another’s lives. It’s one of the hardest parts of ministry life (leaving your family behind). That is originally why we live so far away. Life moves you….literally and figuratively. Now, without ministry we stay because our kids are settled and how do you just grab em up and go?

We don’t know.

But, we miss our family. We hate not sharing special things with you. In your lives and in ours. God has given us a sweet relationship that allows us to always pick right back up where we left off. I’m grateful for that. Sometimes our visits are so few that we forget to celebrate “everything” that we’ve missed.     🙁


For you…..I pray that many blessings come your way and that you know just how loved you are by me….and by my whole family. You are surely one of the best mother’s, MIL’s, grandmother’s I’ve ever known. And someday…..I hope to be as cherished as you are in each of those roles. Thank you for loving me….and teaching me how to honor God with my life (whether it be rough or pleasant). You are beautiful inside and out…and I LOVE YOU!!



Oh….and if I were there…..WE’D PARTY!!

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