Living with Papaw

I’ve been trying to post all evening! I brought my computer into the bedroom to “hang” with hubby. He’s been in bed all day sick. He woke up with a stomach ache and was convinced his appendix were about to burst! That is, until Ally woke up with the very same location of pain! Now that would be one crazy coink-a-dink for two family members to have an appendicitus at the same time. Weird!

Back to the computer in the bedroom. Every time I think I’ll start writing WORDS….the tv blaring destroys all my brain cells and I can’t think of anything that even sounds intelligent to say. Because the tv is up as loud as it can go! I’ve taken the controls and lowered it about 17 times and he just turns it right back up. Now, that may sound a little petty to you very nice wives……but not only is it loud, it’s also on SEVERAL different programs. He’s watching a potpourri of tv excitement! The Pro bowl, the Grammy’s, SNL, Dateline and whatever else he can find. I am ready to scream! My ears…..they are a ringin!

So, I’m going to make the best of it and put away my computer. I think a hug and maybe a little attention will help papaw turn down the tv. It’s the least I can do (for my ears, that is).

One little word of advice to any of you who love to Facebook chat.

ALWAYS make sure that the person you are chatting with IS THE PERSON you mean to be chatting with!

Yea, I learned this one the hard way. Last night, I hopped on and noticed one of my friends was on chat. Her name is Betsy S. The night before she and I had chatted it up for a few minutes. So, when I noticed her name….I began a little conversation! It went like this:

Me-Wow, 2 nights in a row on FB. There must not be much excitement going on over there!
Betsy-Yea, kids are all gone and STEVE is in bed asleep already!
Me-Huh? Are you sleeping with Steve now? What happened to PAT? (Steve is her neighbor and friend, Pat is her hubby whom she’s trying to have another baby with!!)
Betsy- (awkward silence)
Me-Have you taken to swingin? hehe!
Betsy- more weird silence, strange comments back
Me-(I go into this crazy talk about my left eye that’s been sickly for 4 days that Betsy and I have had several conversations about already)

Then, it hits me! I look closer at the picture by her name…….Ummm, that’s not my friend Betsy! It’s another person named Betsy S. from my HOME CHURCH in Florida!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!

Me-BETSY, I am soooooo sorry! I thought you were another friend! I’m so embarrassed!
Betsy-I thought this was the case! It’s ok. Easy mistake!

Friends…..never have I been so embarrassed! The whole “are you sleeping with Steve” and the “taken to swingin” comment! HORRIBLE!
I was just being silly! I know my friend isn’t up to anything funny outside of her marriage. It was simply my confused wonder!

Never Ever Ever…….chat without knowing! Seriously!

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