R & R

I’m off work today.  It’s been way overdue.  I hate taking sick days.  I feel like I’m backing up when I do. But, my fibromyalgia has really been a pain lately and I needed to take a break! I’ve had a funky eye infection for 4 days that would not leave me alone. I treated it with medication and then my other eye took over. Grr!

So, when Ally got word that she was to be a page in Indy at the State House on February 2nd….I thought, that is a good day for me to take off and regroup. So….here I am! Sitting quietly in the Downtown Mariott across from the Government Building. I’m surrounded by really nice “working” people. One of them kindly shared the free code for internet with me. 🙂 Thanks Abdul Mahar Ahkmed!

I’m thinking of walking down and perusing the Circle Center Mall. It is Super Bowl week you know….and I could use a little Colts gear to get me ready for the BIG game Sunday! What better place to find goodies than THE COLTS STORE!!!?! It’s just about time for everything to start opening up.

I’ve been thinking of how quickly life can change. Am I ready for it? I want to be….but then again, what if the change is something I don’t want it to be? Then, I’m not ready! As I think on it….I pray for God to help me. I need His direction and I need the faith to face whatever comes, head-on! So, that’s what I’m asking for. The faith to push through.

What about you? Do you need a boost? I pray God gives you just what you need to face whatever comes your way!

“The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.” (Proverbs 29:25)

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