Can’t stop coughing…

I’m in Florida. It’s chilly. I’m sick! The congestion garbage is taking over my life. I’m beginning to think….I have pneumonia!
It hurts to swallow and the coughing is killing me. I feel rotten! This is a time to be with family and I feel like crawling in a hole. 🙁

I’m miserable! I can’t sleep. I can’t stay up and visit. Laying down feels like death is approaching. I’m a total drag! This is week #3! It’s evolved into this gunk and I keep thinking….surely I’m reaching the end of it. NOT!

Tomorrow is the funeral. It’s going to be over an hour away. Hubby will preach and my kids will sing. I’ll be there for all the coughing entertainment moral support.

I pray that the day goes smoothly. Lots of emotions surface in moments like this. It’s hard to come together as a family when a loved one dies. Even close families. I pray God is glorified through each of us. Mamaw deserves it.

Work through us. Help us honor Mamaw with every word and action. Let those around us know…’s because of you that we celebrate her life.

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