Back in the swing

I’m still coughing and congested….but it’s back to reality tomorrow. Work/school beckons us all. The week with family was time well spent. But now it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

Some things I’ve learned this week.

–Never fly with little children on an airplane full of people.
–Florida is cold too.
–Family is what matters most.
–My kids can handle the music at a funeral.
–Sleeping in a camper under a tree and on a busy street….is noisy. 🙂
–Being congested to the point of hardly being able to breathe SUCKS!
–I look fat in certain photographs.
–Taco soup AKA Mexican fiesta is delicious.
–Sonny’s BBQ really is the best.
–Traveling with my family is fun.
–I can do hard things….under extreme circumstances.
–I like my old countertop in my bathroom.
–I was using a piece of junk for a flat iron!
–My hometown ain’t what it used to be.
–I’m blessed!

I hope to return back to my life with a positive sense of renewal. I need it! I was wallowing in the slime before last Friday hit me. I needed a jolt! Thank you God….for reminding me of all that’s important.


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