Clean sweep

Today was a day of cleaning out. The girls and I slept in, ate a late breakfast and then got to it. Each of us going into seperate rooms to do some damage. My room of choice was Gavin’s. It was beginning to look like a dump (and nobody’s even living there)! I really want to remodel the whole shebang…..but, seriously….the dude still lives there when he comes home. It’s HIS room! I can’t take it away just because he’s gone to college…..can I?

No! I can’t!

I boxed up stuff and packed it away. I weeded out shoes and clothes for a Goodwill pile. I scrubbed down spider webs in his bathroom and cleaned up the floor. I even washed sheets.

(Rumor has it…..grandparents are coming soon for a visit!) 🙂

The girls made huge piles of items for Goodwill. We seem to accumalate so much stuff and we’re poor! How do we do it? I plan on making some changes. I read a great post today about a lady that went on a spend fast. She didn’t buy ANYTHING that was not on the LIST of needs. Not a Goodwill $2 shirt, not a meal out…..not even extra food items on sale. She was F A S T I N G !!!

So….I’m challenging myself! Soon, I forgot I’m going to IKEA tomorrow. I can’t very well begin this very moment. This day has been planned for weeks. I don’t want to flunk my fast right out of the gate. I plan to start on Monday and end on the following Sunday.

Who knows….maybe I’ll see just how little I really need to be happy! Life isn’t about stuff anyway, right?

I’m indulgent! I like things. Stuff sometimes makes me feel safe and comfortable. I don’t want to live like that. I want freedom. Freedom to be financially stable and at peace with how I use my money (that you’ve entrusted to me). Help me……be a better steward of the resources I’ve been given.

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