IKEA + ME = True Love Forever

I could spend hours in that place! Oh yea, I did! Today, the girls and I had a fun opportunity to hit Cinci with Mrs. Betsy and Isaac for a day of IKEA shopping. It was so much fun! Even though it was rainy and gloomy out. We wandered all over the store picking out pretty things to enhance our homes.

I mean, come on……it’s IKEA! Who doesn’t like that place? It’s a bit addicting. Not everything in the store is my style. But there are plenty of awesome things to mix in with what I have to make my house look amazing! So much of it is priced fantastic too. I love that!

This time we ate lunch while we were there. The swedish meatball meal is delicious and so was the yummy dessert. Ally found a duvet for her down comforter to match her room (score….$14) and a lampshade to go with it. Both look great! I could go on and on.

My heart feels warm and fuzzy for you IKEA! Thanks for a great day!

Ally, Gates & Isaac

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