Freeze Frame

You’ve been sitting on pins, wondering about our family photo sitting haven’t you? Ok, maybe not. But you’re going to hear about it anyway. Cause, I’m crazy like that.

Gavin blasted into town about an hour before the 1:45pm appointment. We dressed similar and purtied up (covering all blemishes) and headed to the church. We arrived and had to wait. The guys decide to play a game of battleship and the girls and I parked it in the waiting area. Two families were ahead of us and both were big (as in number) families. Behind the photographer’s curtain we could hear the busyness. Pose after pose, move after move….people were up, down and all over. It took forever!

We were cracking up. 🙂

Finally, it was our turn. We head over and she asks the kids their names. Then she puts a tiny little box on the floor and tells me (THE MAMA) to sit on it. Which means I have to get on the floor. This was the beginning of many floor positions for the entire family. We were laughing so hard…these pictures are certainly going to show we were having fun! The poor lady (she had to be exhausted) must have thought we were the Goofball family. Every pose was hilarious! I couldn’t help but ask, “Where are the twister dots?”. We were contorted into some pretty funny positions.

It was great! We laughed through the whole ordeal. And I couldn’t help but admire my kids. They are so precious to me. Each one of them…so unique and special. Not only are they beautiful on the outside…..they’re beautiful inside too.

We hurried back home to meet with Brad (a hotshot photog for the high school) and have some candid photo’s taken while we were all together. Of course we had to rush because the girl’s and Brad had another photo shoot to be at by 2:45 for the high school musical, Grease! It would be safe to say, that today was a photo mania kind of day!

Here are some of the results. I hope you like em!

And one from the Grease photo shoot

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