And the Oscar goes to…

My kids are dramatic! I mean it. They are totally into anything that puts them onstage. They get it honestly! I’ve been the very same my entire life. I have a flair for…..putting on a show! Really! I was in every play and musical put on by my school while growing up. I loved it!

This past weekend, my girls were actors in a mock accident created by our county emergency workers. Their job was to be injured students on a bus that collided with a small car then overturned. It was a gruesome sight. I walked up to the scene (I live behind the school property) and ended up having to do some role playing myself. I had to run up to the scene as if I had just gotten the frantic call that my kid was in an accident.

Easy! I’m one of those mom’s that Lysa Terkeurst blogged about last week. I worry about my kids to the extreme that I imagine crazy stuff like…..funerals! Yea, healthy….I know! But, it’s true! I’m not a fearful person usually. Except when it comes to my children. They are where satan snags me and pulls me in.


I’m probably not abnormal in my thinking. I cannot do anything to add days to my children’s lives. I do not have that kind of power. God has given me a spirit of discernment and of love for them….filtered with His wisdom so that I can trust Him with each of them. I know they are only on loan to me. I’m simply a caretaker!

Thank you Lord. Help me do my job well.

I wanted to share some photo’s of the event. They were great! I heard so many compliments from the entire emergency crew. My daughter Ally was actually transported to our local hospital while our youngest daughter, Gates was trapped on the bus (she was the LAST one off….along with the one deceased student). Talk about eerie?!!

{remember: click on the photo to enlarge}

Brad, Ally & Gates before the accident

Ally trapped on the bus

Gates being loaded on the ambulance (those tears are real)

See, both of them should win the Oscar!  They are working it!  Great job, girls!

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