Outta Control!

I’m such a hard-headed person! God knows I need reminding to lean on Him. It’s not because I’m a complete loser (ok, maybe I’m just a lamecake). Everything that the world throws at me lately, I take it real personal! Pathetic!

Why do I let satan have that power? Please, someone tell me I’m not the only one! I’m smarter than that. I’m a daughter of THE MOST HIGH GOD, for goodness sakes! Somebody slap me back into reality!

{ok, don’t….it’ll hurt!}

Dear Father
I need you, Lord. I freely admit it. I KNOW that you are in control…..of everything. Especially the stuff that hurts and pushes me to think I’m all alone on. Help me, mold me, fill me up with your strength. I’m weak and powerless without you.
I’m outta control and I need you take back over!

Stress, worry, disappointment, failure…..you have no place over me! God is for me….and you are not! Get lost, forever!

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