Spring is in the air

Poppy, Gavin & Nana

We’ve had a great week! Hubby’s parents have been in town for a visit and it’s been fun in spite of our still having to work and go to school. While they were here, Ally and Gates were in the school musical and IU’s spring choir concert was the same week. Oh and a bonus event…..Ally’s Touch of Class group performed for the First Christian Church senior adults. So they were able to see that too!

WOW!  The weather was beautiful and the trees have their leaves again.  It was also Sassafrass Festival weekend. Nana and Poppy went down to see how life was in the “old” days! Haha! We skipped out on that excitement! Been there, done that!

Now the grandparents are gone and life is quiet around our house. The upcoming weekend holds such excitement….it’s PROM!!! Ally has the most beautiful dress! Everything is falling into place, hair appointments on Wednesday & Saturday morning….flowers arranged, tickets bought, t-shirts ordered and dreams abound. Everyone is so excited!

Even me!

It’s almost time for my Sweetboy to move out of his dorm!  Just over a week and he’ll be home!  It’s been a fun first year at IU.  I’m so thankful he’s loving school and all that comes with it.  I just hope he likes working all summer…   🙂

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