It’s tradition

It’s official!  All three of my teenagers have been selected to serve as Prom Pages at our high school.  This is quite an honor!  Every single year, freshman students cross their fingers and hope that they are chosen to serve as mere slaves at the junior prom.  It’s the only way…..they will see Prom until it’s their turn to go.  So to call it exciting….is an understatement!

Gavin was the first in our family to serve (duh, he is the oldest!).    Each is nominated by students from the junior class and then put on a list where EVERYONE gets a chance to vote on the list of students.  It’s a cool process!  One that really says something about each student nominated.  They are peer chosen and every year….it’s a great group of kids.

When Ally was chosen, Gavin was a junior.  Now it’s Ally that’s a junior and Gates is the freshman.  We’ve just got ourselves a tradition!  Which is really cool because I always work at prom….so I get to enjoy the night with my kids!  Yay!  Now, prom is just 4 days away and the excitement is contagious.  The entire school is buzzing!  I can’t wait to post pictures of Ally in her dress and Gates in her page clothes!

2010  JCHS  Freshman Prom Pages

Gates is front row/white jeans

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