I’m becoming my mother

Lately, I’ve been a little grumpy!  Maybe grumpy isn’t really the word…..anxious or stressed might fit better.  I’m snappy and sharp!  I respond to the simplest things in a harsh tone.  My kids are starting to make those faces that I used to make when my mom was being mean.  I get it!  I’m not being the kind of mom they really deserve.

I’m becoming my mother!

Now, as I look back at my teen years….I can’t help but come to some much wiser conclusions to what my mother’s problem could have been.  Life is stressful and teenagers are difficult to raise!  I’m not blaming my behavior off on any of my kids (I own it, people)…..but lack of cooperation from them can really set off an already ticking time bomb.  I can only imagine what “stuff” was hanging over my mom’s life.  Things happen that rob us of our peace and sometimes our joy!

I realize that nearing the end of school makes for some high stress days.  But I just can’t get over how intense they seem to be the older I get.  The students and staff alike are all buzzing with the “long year blues”.  I have a bad case myself.  I CANNOT wait for June 2nd!  I need a break!

In the meantime, I have to get a grip!  My family and students need me to take a chill pill.  It’s as if I’m stuck in a perpetual PMS warp.  I want out!  Help!


You know me.  I’m not a grouch by nature.  I like happy.  I like fun.  I like my life.  But it seems like I’m spinning on a wheel of frustration.  Everything is overwhelming me.  Help me focus and relax.  Give me a spirit of peace and renew my heart-a-tude!  I need you…..every hour!


PS-I need to call my mom and tell her how much I love her!    🙂

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