I really want to blog! Seriously! I want to be able to SIT DOWN and write out some deep thoughts. I have so much to say and I even had my courage up tonight to really say some stuff that I’ve been holding back on.

I was feeling frisky! Or is it free? Either way, I was planning on letting it spill out on my blog post! But, then I had a kid that needed help with an essay for English. Yea, total buzz kill! For sure! Instead of sharing my heart of heart feelings…..I helped come up with biblical comparisons for the novel Lord of the Flies.

{Um, hello…..creepy sad story!!}

So, it’s settled. I go to bed and sleep with the angels. I can’t be up any later pounding on the keys of my pink pal. The Holy Spirit has interrupted and sidetracked me to other things. Things that I clearly needed to do more. Thank you, Lord!

Maybe soon I’ll get my courage up and write what’s going on in my wild heart! It may take some time…..I’m still grappling with how to just say it!
Until then, I’ll rest in knowing God has a plan and a time for everything! Including blog posts!

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