He’s coming home

My sweetboy took his last final today.  His first year away at college went fairly well (for both of us).  Last year at this time, I was beginning to feel pretty anxious for what was ahead.  The unknown!  I couldn’t imagine him not being in my house and under my constant care.  He had always been with me…

I was having a conversation with my 17 year old daughter today.  She pointed out how I treat her differently than her brother (he’s older).  In her opinion, I don’t hold him to the same fire as her (it always looks like that to teens).  It feels like he gets away with murder (uhh yea right…ask him).

It’s hard being a mom!   🙂

I wanted to defend myself.  It seems that’s all I do in this current stage of my life.  But then I realized, that’s how she sees things.  She’s not a mom.  She doesn’t have pieces of her heart growing up and moving out of her nest yet.  Someday, she’ll understand so much of what she sees as unfairness now.  I’ve been in her shoes.

It’s hard being a teenager!   🙂

I’m feeling pretty happy right now.  By the time I get home from school….my grown up son will be home!  He’ll drag in tons of junk (we moved most of his stuff home at the beginning of the week).  Then, I’ll spend the weekend trying to put away and wash his smelly stuff.  Yes, I’ll make him help!  But what I’ll be feeling….is ahhhh, he’s back!

I’ll sleep peacefully, once again!  Thank you, Lord.

Me + all my chicks in the nest = YAY!!

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