Always a kid

My guys are so funny! I love em! They are curious, imaginitive and at times kinda annoying! But if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be them! I have a hard time not laughing when the two of them are up to something. We call it “shenanigans”. My hubby (who likes to think of himself VERY MATURE and LEVELHEADED) is certainly the #1 instigator of “great ideas”.

He did practically spit our son out! They tend to think alike and come up with some wild ADD/ADHD stuff. At times, I think….”I’m going to hurt them!”. They can really push your buttons (coming from a NON-ADD/ADHD person). I’ve had to learn the ways of the extra active brainiacs!

Really, I love them! Very much!

This is a little game of what I call….Who’s taller? They still play it often!

Handsome college age son vs. dear old dad! Don’t ya just wanna hug em? I do!

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