A posting machine

Yea, when school was in session and I was beat to death tired every evening…..I told myself that soon I’d be a posting machine!


All of it! BIG FAT LIES!!

I’ve been too tired, busy, uninterested and out of great blabbing ideas to write a thing! Sorry blog friends….all 3 of you. I stink!

Maybe soon the spark to say something of deep value will return and I will blow your socks off. Until then……I’ll just stick close by waiting on some sweet inspiration!

Oh, today. I went on the annual book club/school library field trip. I’m the official driver. It is a great outing. Me + Books + someone else’s money = LOVELY

We had a great time. Lunch at Panera Bread and then a stroll through a real live genuine mall (that wasn’t an outlet or the boring mall in Columbus). Let’s just say……we were in hog heaven!

I know……we need a life, huh? 🙂 See why I’m struggling to find writing material? Nuttin’s happening!

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