A peek into A.D.D.

If you’ve ever wondered….what it’s like to live with someone who’s afflicted with ADD/ADHD. You can take a peek into my life right here. Since it’s summertime, my kids have pulled out the bikes to ride during the boring day. The problem? To put them back away…..someone has to pull out my suburban from the garage.

My family…is kinda lazy. Mama don’t lie. We’d rather step over stuff than put it where it came from. Disgusting, huh? Well, that’s just us. We’re animals!

Last night, it was decided that Ally (who is taking summer classes) would take hubby’s car to school this morning. Hubby would take my suburban. My youngest had parked my bike behind the suburban in the garage and closed the door. She came inside announcing to EVERYONE that she put the bike behind the car…DO NOT FORGET TO MOVE IT!!!!!

Get the picture? My family….is also pretty accident prone. We forget stuff and well, destroy it. It’s all part of that ADD/ADHD genetic makeup. People with this ….. whatever you want to call it, should make an extra $20,000 a year in their salaries just for replacement costs of all the stuff they have to purchase each year. Again! 🙂

When I woke up this morning. My sweet baby had stuck sticky notes all over the house for her dad to see. She was so worried that he’d hop in the car and back up without moving my bike….she put reminders everywhere. Just in case!

She is so funny! I was only able to get a few pictures. She is also pretty creative!

The good news…..he moved the bike before leaving. Yay! Thank you Miss Gates. You’re a handy little reminder-er!

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