Make a plan, Stan

We’ve been talking at my house. Yea, we do that often. But lately….it’s about our middle child’s future. She’s going into her senior year in high school this fall. It’s a harsh reality! I’m filled with the usual mama woes as I come to grips with it. College is literally one year away for her. Whaaa? How’d that happen?

This past week, she has gone to Cedar Point in Ohio with her choir group for a rockin good time and she’s managed to almost complete two high school courses at summer school. In one week! She is motivated, serious like! I’m really proud of her. Oh, and she’s searching for a paying job. Teens like money. 🙂

I don’t like to be pushy (even though I am) about every little detail of my kids lives. But, I’ve felt really concerned about her future college. I keep getting little reminders of certain Christian schools in our state. I don’t know that any of them will be on her radar screen. I can only guide her and pray that God would make it perfectly clear to her “where” it is HE wants her to go. Help, Lord!

This next year is going to fly by. I’ve played this game before (thanks to Sweetboy). I need just as much direction as she does. God, I’m completely at your mercy. Why can’t these things be easier to figure out?

Ally with friends, Brad & Taylor at Cedar Point!

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