Even when the storm comes…

I am washed by the water. Even when the earth crumbles beneath my feet. I am washed by the water. (lyrics by Need To Breathe)

I’ve been thinking… there’s a strange connection to my life and storms. Last night, after cooking an amazing meal for my hubby and then totally rocking it all out with Angel Food cake and homemade caramel icing. A storm hit! A wing-dinger of a storm. One of those trees blowing down and lights out kind. Yes, you guessed it….our electricity was knocked out! FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT!!!

And it was hot! And miserable! And boring! And I could go on!!!

I also had a major headache. It was a rotten evening! I went to bed. But my mind….it stayed up, thinking!

I’m just like the electricity and storm. When things get rough in my life….I shut down. Instead of plugging into Him…..I disconnect! I wander around trying to figure out how to keep my head from going under. More than electricity, I don’t want to be without Jesus!

Thank you Lord for the very clear reminder! Also, thank you for keeping my electricity on tonight when the weather turned worse than last night!

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