Slight problem…

My neighborhood is all trees! It’s beautiful! Most of the pictures I share here on the blog are taken outside in my yard. We are completely shaded by these enormous trees. We can’t grow flowers because of the trees. Even our grass is shoddy (thanks to the trees). Forget about having tomato plants! BooHiss! No sun = no tomatoes!

Yes, that’s terrible! But you wanna know what’s worse?

When one falls towards your house! That’s terrible! Just last week, this same neighbor had to repair the little red barn you see in the pictures….thanks to another tree coming down on top of it. They were keeping pet rabbits outside of the barn in pens. When the limbs came down they crushed one of the bunny pens (but not the bunny!). Now that’s too close for comfort if you ask me.

I was in my room when this big one fell yesterday. I wasn’t quite sure what that weird noise was….until I got up and looked out my window! Yikes! It just barely misses the owner’s house.

Have I mentioned how much I love living under all these trees? 🙂

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