Get moving…

We’ve pretty much spent the month of June, sitting around. Bored! Thanks to our whopping budget of nada. We can’t really afford to do much else. It’s not good for the soul, I tell ya! We each have been battling the demons of depression. If you’ve never had a visit from them…..GOOD! You don’t want to hang out in that crowd! It’s not fun or healthy! So, avoid!

This morning when I woke up to beautiful breezy weather….I knew I had to do something to get my kids motivated and productive. They were still able to sleep in and lounge around a bit for breakfast. But, I made a chore list and each of them got busy….including me. We worked on some much needed jobs around the house. It was time, people! We’ve been depressed! No one does housework when they feel all bummed out! Ask any of the many visitors we’ve had!

We celebrated our hardwork with happy hour drinks at Sonic! You can’t beat 1/2 price Strawberry Limeade’s! It’s so easy to fall into a pit (ask Beth Moore) and stay there. Switching up our boring routine today really helped. It’s important to get moving and push forward even when you’d rather go lay down. Depression is real and it can sneak up on you before you know it.

My advice? Keep going! Make lists. Make plans (they can be cheap or free ones)! Get out and walk (alone or with a buddy). Play a game. Have a dance off! Write down things you’re thankful for. Hug someone. Oh and clean your house! 🙂

Am I the only one bored this summer?

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