Small town beauty

We spent our Saturday out and about in the quaint little town known as “Little Nashville” or also called Brown County. This is an ecclectic place with tons of visitors from the city! It’s not far from Indianapolis and is about 25 minutes from Bloomington (IU’s awesome town). I love going there! It’s loaded with shops and interesting people. Just about everything you find there is made in Indiana by local artists. I think that is so cool!

The kids had to make a trip to IU to drop off a friend…so we hopped in the car and let them drop us off as they went through town. We walked the streets, browsed in and out of stores and had lunch at a great little place called Marie’s Tea Room. While we were in eating our lunch it started to rain. As soon as we were finished…so was the rain! Thank you God!

I found a wonderful store that sells specialty dresses. My girls and I all love wearing dresses. Everyday! Her selections were beautiful and each one so feminine and unique. My only problem (besides not having about $300 bucks to blow) was picking out just one! If I sell my tennis bracelet on ebay….I’M GOING BACK!!! 🙂 With my girls! I also found my very favorite candle in the whole wide world….an Indiana made Snickerdoodle! Yum-O!

I recommend little get-aways like this! It feels good to get out and mingle among the world. I had a great time and feel rejuvenated once again. Thanks Honey, for going with me. It was a fun date!

Mmm, my house smells so wonderful now!

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