Expired! What?

When you least expect it…..expect it! Right?

This week has been a bummer! My blog has been D O W N !!! Why? Because of a domain snafu! I thought it would be a quick fix but after waiting the last few days on it to reappear…..it proved to be a thorn in my bloggy heart!

Thankfully, hubby has THE POWER and he managed to get me back up and running today. {Thanks Mr. Powerful!}

Now, I’m too busy to play here. I have lots of packing, running around and gathering to do. We’re leaving for our vacation/camping trip tomorrow! Yeehaw!

Can you tell……I’m so excited! Yay, I can’t wait to have great week with my family. I <3 them! Oh, and grandparents will be there too! Double fun! I've got to go.....so much to do! lOOk oUt, Lake Monroe------here come the Clampett’s Galloway’s!!

Now if we just had our own boat or jet ski’s! Wow!

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