Camping Adventure

It’s just our style to get craaaaaazy at a campground! You can judge us if you want. We don’t care! We’ve not had a vacation this summer nor the last….and spending a weekend at the lake was better than a sharp stick in the eye. So…if you dare, take a look at our get-a-way on Lake Monroe!

We are thankful for some much needed time away from home. Going away always reminds me to be thankful for a nice home with amazing beds to lay my pretty CLEAN head! For that…..I’m blessed!

Gates and I just sharing a snack moment at camperville!

Smiling…even though we look….umm like we’re camping!

Ally & Lizzy happy to be in the shade!

Our trip down to the beach at Lake Monroe!

Our cool dad! Driving us to the fun!

Ally & I before we knew we were golfcart thieves and well, you’ll see..

After we found out we were wanted in 50 states….and couldn’t make it up THE HILL!!! Oh the pushing we did……

Look, I know what you’re thinking…..what is it with this family? Well, if you must know, WE’RE CRAZY!! And we wouldn’t change a thing! We like us! 🙂


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