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Out & About in Wenatchee Washington

Monday, September 26th, 2016

We’ve done a bit of exploring, as tourists tend to do.

lr trip

My hubby has been chomping to take my car somewhere dangerous and climb where no man can go. (Ahem, no….I’m not ready to let my car be a victim of an accident! Remember: the new drone?)

So, we did a little climbing up at Yoyo Rock on the Columbia River in Wenatchee.

yo yo rock

I know….I see boobies, not a yo-yo. But, hey…whatev’s man!

explor ers

We took our fellow explorers with us.

na po us

The weather was truly glorious!


We had a tailgate picnic while we watched some boaters do a little fishing! They were catching salmon, wall-eye, bass and something I can’t remember. I only recall being a lot jealous! Reminded me of our Canada fishing trip.

kickin it

The water is icy cold and clear as glass.

kiss is

Of course we did some kissin’!

jum pin

And some jumpin’!

lake columbia

The days are dwindling down. We have a few more places to check off our list before we leave to head back to Indiana. Traveling has a way of opening up your mind to dreams of living other places. For me, I think Montana would work. My hubby? Likes Idaho. Hrmph!


St Regis, Montana’s view!!

i d a h o

I D A H O! Okay, it was an 80mph snap of the state sign…but, still. I believe Montana has all the pretty trees.

Twisted Sister

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

It's my honor to keep you in stitches here regarding my wild & crazy life.  After a great day of climbing the mountains that make up The Biltmore Estate and poking my nose in every nook & cranny they'd let me go near…..I came home exhausted!

Then, by some bezerk act of madness I sat down on the potty and turned to pull off some toilet paper AND TWISTED MY NECK!  Like, twisted my neck to the point of tears.  I am now a robot!  I can't turn my head at all and I certainly can't imagine it ever not hurting again.

Why do these things have to happen to me?  I'm on vacation, dangit!

After sitting still for the rest of the evening with a heating pad wrapped around my neck and a handful of Naproxen Sodium's…it's starting to feel a smidge better.  Hubby even tried to rub it out!  He also reminded me of what I almost picked up and added to my medicine basket, MUSCLE RELAXERS!!!

While I was going through all the possible needed meds….I looked at the box that said muscle relaxers and made an executive decision — WHO'S GOING TO NEED THOSE?

Oh my word!

Me with the grandest staircase over my head.


Gates is sweet & shares her coffee icecream with me.


Hubby & Ally resting & gazing at the views.


Just lounging on the most amazing back porch ever.



All day we tried to picture living in such a home.  Impossible.  The scale of grandeur is so far off the charts of understanding for our simple American minds that it seemed like a fantasy.

However, the rich history of how it all came about is very interesting.  The lavish lifestyles, the entertaining of guests and the rolling acres of property are the things dreams are made of.  The Vanderbilt's have created a wonderful American castle and shared it with the whole world right here in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina!

Now if they could just help me with my strained neck.  All would be right with the world.

Packing Procrastinators

Monday, July 30th, 2012

I don't know how you like to do things when it's vacation time in your family…but us, we like to procrastinate!  We take extra time (to get things ready, ya know) and then we waste it because we are dragging our feet with a bunch of nothing stuff.  Like right now.  It's Sunday night and all weekend we had lists of things to do in order to be ready to leave TUESDAY NIGHT!!!

We've slept in both Saturday & Sunday.  Some people, later than others.

Started a crazy in-depth bathroom wall repair job.  Dust & debris everywhere.

Piled laundry in random areas.  None of which is for the trip.  

Created a grand amount of chaos in several locations in our house.  Tool hunting.

Not washed either dog.  One is leaving today (Monday) to visit friends.

Forgot to color my horrible gray roots.  This can wait, but ewww!

And of course…we haven't packed a single thing!

The reason we were supposed to get all these duties done before Monday is because we have no time on Monday.  It's a day full of busy activities that can't be skipped.  It's senior picture day for Miss Gates and senior registration…plus I have classroom work to do before I can leave town.  This means, packing will have to get serious late on Monday night and early on Tuesday.  Just the way we always do it, rushing & hectic.

I hate traveling all exhausted!  6 hours and 18 minutes to our destination.

I'm really excited to go back to Alabama.  We're visiting with our friends from seminary days (the Nelsons) and have lots of fun lake days planned.  NO, I WON'T BE TAKING MY IPHONE ON THE BOAT!  NOPE NOPE NOPE!!  NOT DOING IT!  They've been sending us tantalizing photos of all the boat fun they're having each day.  I can't wait to just get away and laugh with friends who love us and care about the same things we do.

Friends are the family you choose, right?

Besides not being ready to go yet….I took one for the team too.  Hubby is my favorite pedicurist.  I hire him out when need be (Ahem, Marilyn) and he tries to keep my scratchy flip-flop heels nice and smooth.  A job meant for serious professionals, I'm sure.  But he trudges on.  Yesterday he was filing away and sliced the skin off of the ball of my foot.  Enough that I can't walk on that foot now.  It huuuuuurts!  The pain even woke me up in the middle of the night shooting up to my knee.  That kind of hurt!


So, I'm milking it good.  (it really does hurt)

You know…the old, this is going to be okay.  I have a few more days left of summer before I have to go back to work.  It should be healed in a few weeks,  kind of milking it.  Hehe!

Since it is vacation week and I am procrastinating (along with all my family)….I'll just gimp along and hope the booboo heals fast!



Getting Over August

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

August was busy! I can say that because it flew by so fast that I barely remember it. I haven’t forgotten the long hot days though. They were killer! My whopping electric bill is proof! It’s one of the highest we’ve ever had. Dog it!

Many good things happened in August. So how will I ever top it?

My family traveled to Florida for a great vacation.

We visted with great friends along the way.

I enjoyed a great trip with my hubby.

Partied it up at a Colts game with fun friends.

Went to see one of THE BEST movies, ever!

Started back to school. Won a $100 giftcard to BestBuy. Took our favorite babysitter out for dinner (who lives far away). Spent some quality time tanning by a very nice pool. Read a couple interesting books. Let go of another child (to the college world). Enjoyed my nest being full. Dated my hubby. Stayed inside in the a/c. Shared precious conversations with forever friends. Watched my kids make a few forever friends.

I could go on but I won’t. You’re probably thinking of your own blessings about this last month. I’m just wondering…..HOW WILL I TOP IT?

My favorite season is fall. So I’m really excited about the next couple of months. High on my list of must do’s? JEANS, Sweatshirts & football! Welcome, Fall! What took you so long?

Camping Adventure

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

It’s just our style to get craaaaaazy at a campground! You can judge us if you want. We don’t care! We’ve not had a vacation this summer nor the last….and spending a weekend at the lake was better than a sharp stick in the eye. So…if you dare, take a look at our get-a-way on Lake Monroe!

We are thankful for some much needed time away from home. Going away always reminds me to be thankful for a nice home with amazing beds to lay my pretty CLEAN head! For that…..I’m blessed!

Gates and I just sharing a snack moment at camperville!

Smiling…even though we look….umm like we’re camping!

Ally & Lizzy happy to be in the shade!

Our trip down to the beach at Lake Monroe!

Our cool dad! Driving us to the fun!

Ally & I before we knew we were golfcart thieves and well, you’ll see..

After we found out we were wanted in 50 states….and couldn’t make it up THE HILL!!! Oh the pushing we did……

Look, I know what you’re thinking…..what is it with this family? Well, if you must know, WE’RE CRAZY!! And we wouldn’t change a thing! We like us! 🙂