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Hello August

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

I just realized it’s August 1st and I am in complete denial. Which shouldn’t shock anyone because I love living in that zone. What in the world happened?

Scrolling through social media, I see all your back-to-school photos and I’m a little sad to not be joining in UNTIL August 27th! Wow, Bozeman! School start dates never looked so exciting!

I can quit complaining now, huh?

I have applied to sub at the high school and still have no idea if they will “accept” me. πŸ™‚ I’ve discovered in my lifetime that every school needs subs and high school is a special spot that not many have the courage to take on. Which is so funny to me because I’d rather hunt in front of Dick Cheney than work at an elementary or middle school.

High schooler’s are my jam!

And as God would have it, I’ve already made a bud from Bozeman HS! I found him in a hottub in Sheridan, WY on my way to Bozeman last week. His name is Jack and he’s going to be a junior. See how God is?

Today I’m heading to lunch with a new friend and I am so excited! Pray for me that I don’t bowl her over with all of my….me-ness!

It’s been a while since I’ve had “friends”.

Let me be a real friend and not a superficial surface friend. Thank you for every opportunity you give me to be your hands and feet. I am so blessed that someone new wants to share life with me.

Who Are Your People?

Friday, October 27th, 2017

I’ve learned some very valuable lessons this last year. Not everyone who’s in your circle is in your corner. People who you think are your friends aren’t always genuinely your friend. Maybe acquaintance is a better label.

I have 2 friends that have reached out to me just this week that are hurting and struggling with job loss. Both friends are deep into their pain right now. I can relate after all this last year has prepared me for job loss battle. While I don’t have much to offer either sweet friend, I do have the ability to love & encourage them.

So, that’s what I’m doing.

Just being there, listening. Letting them pour out words, tears and fears. Times like these do not call for attitudes of “pick yourself up and get over it” messages. Those come. Right now, both friends need gentle love and understanding.

I’ve felt so alone, so many times over this last year. Friends that I thought were my friends have all but disappeared. I can’t say why and I won’t even try to explain their actions. I have even felt that their shun or absence was because of something I’ve done.

People don’t like weakness. Some people, anyway.

I haven’t needed anything big. Just encouragement. Or a listening ear. Maybe even a “how are you guys doing?” here and there. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had friends do that….I’m talking about the ones who I thought were IN MY CORNER!

Look, I’ve learned that God puts people in your life for a reason. Some are to love you, some are to wreck you, some are to wisen you up and some are to teach you how NOT TO BE. I thank God for every one of them.

Those who stand by and watch you burn…stop giving them the matches.

Back to what I’ve learned, God will reveal YOUR PEOPLE. Pay attention. Stop fretting when He removes the ones that don’t belong there.


In spite of losing a few friends….God opened up the door to some real and lasting relationships for me. I’ve never been a superficial surface kind of friend anyway. God knows friendships take work. I’ve experienced some great support from people who never had a reason to get involved in my chaotic life.

Honestly, it’s a reflection of their heart and of course, God’s love for me.

So, to the people who aren’t my people. Thank you. Thank you for the friendship that we’ve shared and for the lesson on true friendship. I’m not dwelling on what could’ve been or even mad that you’re gone. I’m grateful that I have a heart to love others and see them for who they are – just people.

Who are your people?

Do you know?


I want to be a good friend to the people you place in my life. Let me be just what they need, even if it’s temporary. Not every relationship is meant to go the long haul. Help me see every friend with your eyes and not my own. Everyone deserves love, a listening ear and the truth. I want to love like that.


Packing Procrastinators

Monday, July 30th, 2012

I don't know how you like to do things when it's vacation time in your family…but us, we like to procrastinate!  We take extra time (to get things ready, ya know) and then we waste it because we are dragging our feet with a bunch of nothing stuff.  Like right now.  It's Sunday night and all weekend we had lists of things to do in order to be ready to leave TUESDAY NIGHT!!!

We've slept in both Saturday & Sunday.  Some people, later than others.

Started a crazy in-depth bathroom wall repair job.  Dust & debris everywhere.

Piled laundry in random areas.  None of which is for the trip.  

Created a grand amount of chaos in several locations in our house.  Tool hunting.

Not washed either dog.  One is leaving today (Monday) to visit friends.

Forgot to color my horrible gray roots.  This can wait, but ewww!

And of course…we haven't packed a single thing!

The reason we were supposed to get all these duties done before Monday is because we have no time on Monday.  It's a day full of busy activities that can't be skipped.  It's senior picture day for Miss Gates and senior registration…plus I have classroom work to do before I can leave town.  This means, packing will have to get serious late on Monday night and early on Tuesday.  Just the way we always do it, rushing & hectic.

I hate traveling all exhausted!  6 hours and 18 minutes to our destination.

I'm really excited to go back to Alabama.  We're visiting with our friends from seminary days (the Nelsons) and have lots of fun lake days planned.  NO, I WON'T BE TAKING MY IPHONE ON THE BOAT!  NOPE NOPE NOPE!!  NOT DOING IT!  They've been sending us tantalizing photos of all the boat fun they're having each day.  I can't wait to just get away and laugh with friends who love us and care about the same things we do.

Friends are the family you choose, right?

Besides not being ready to go yet….I took one for the team too.  Hubby is my favorite pedicurist.  I hire him out when need be (Ahem, Marilyn) and he tries to keep my scratchy flip-flop heels nice and smooth.  A job meant for serious professionals, I'm sure.  But he trudges on.  Yesterday he was filing away and sliced the skin off of the ball of my foot.  Enough that I can't walk on that foot now.  It huuuuuurts!  The pain even woke me up in the middle of the night shooting up to my knee.  That kind of hurt!


So, I'm milking it good.  (it really does hurt)

You know…the old, this is going to be okay.  I have a few more days left of summer before I have to go back to work.  It should be healed in a few weeks,  kind of milking it.  Hehe!

Since it is vacation week and I am procrastinating (along with all my family)….I'll just gimp along and hope the booboo heals fast!



Tennessee Wedding

Monday, June 25th, 2012

I'm blessed to have such amazing friends.  God knew just the people I'd need in my life to love me and accept me (just the way I am).  I remember arriving in a new town with three little kids in tow and wondering if I'd ever find real friends.  Little did I know, God had big plans for me.  While there, hubby and I would make several lifetime friendships — a gift that I thank God for…everyday!

This weekend we travelled down south to Tennessee to be with our longtime friends & celebrate the marriage of their oldest son, Dustin.  He's the first of all of our kids to tie the knot, so we are all a bit sappy sentimental about the whole occasion.  He and his beautiful bride, Kandace have been best friends since Kindergarten.  It was truly a divine appointment because we believe nothing happens on accident.

When we arrived late on Friday night..this was the scene of Kandace's family dining room.  Beautiful fresh flowers everywhere.  Outside people were working tirelessly on the beautiful lawn preparing for the big event.  The family had a pond dug  and a dock built just for the occasion.  Everything looked amazing.  I loved every sweet little detail.   


The next morning (which would be WEDDING DAY) we were left to our own at our friends house while they handled last minute wedding details.  


See that container?  What would you say is in there?  Sugar?  Yea, me too.  After making coffee and finding no fancy creamer in the fridge, I decided to make it the old fashioned way (milk & sugar GASP!).  I took a big sip of my morning nectar only to find it was SALTY!!

Who puts salt in a large container like that?  Sick!   

Walking down the aisle…This is my friend, Marilyn and her 2 other sons…Cody & Tanner.  Her smile is a reflection of how much she loves her boys.  I've been blessed to watch her mother her sons.  She's fun and they love her so openly!


Kandace looked so beautiful and Dustin was beaming with pride when she crossed that bridge with her father.  No one knew…but she forgot her veil inside. Oh well.  She was perfect!


The whole night was a big party.  Every guest was invited to record a special message for the couple.  



The next morning we all slept in because we were dog tired.  I loved having some visit time with my friend and some SALT FREE COFFEE!!  The biscuits and chocolate gravy were delicious too!


Before the wedding, Gates & Dawn (who we called DawnCody because she and hubby share the name Don/Dawn) flash their pretty fans.  


Having fun in the kitchen.  Isn't that where all the worlds biggest problems are handled anyway?

We stayed in Florence, Alabama near the river.  So before we left..we went down to enjoy some of the waterfall beauty.  Can you tell it's 105 degrees there?  

The spray of the water felt glorious!  Do these people look old enough to have married kids?

Two of our kids were not able to join us…so Gates was thankful for DawnCody in a family of boys.  These guys have been like brothers to her since she was a baby!  They fuss & tease like family.

Sharing times like these with friends reminds me how much God loves me.  Our lives are rich because of the people in it.  I want to tuck the memories in my heart and keep them there forever.

Even the salty coffee!  wink

Hoarders Meatball Style

Monday, September 5th, 2011

I have this friend (or should I say, I thought we were friends). She makes a mean meatball. I’ve even watched her do it, so really I have no excuse as to why I can’t replicate the recipe. Other than….I didn’t watch that closely. She could’ve put anything in the bowl when I wasn’t looking. And let’s be honest here, I didn’t feel the need to watch her every move. Hello? We’re friends.

Now, I suffer for it.

Because said friend has this death clinch on her meatball recipe. I sent her an email asking nicely for a little direction. No response (I forgive her for being “too busy”) then I resorted to using one of my kids as a messenger. What I heard back…..disturbs me even now.

“She’s praying about it!”.


Oh girl! It’s on like a donkey kong now! πŸ˜‰

Nobody puts baby in the corner over a meatball recipe! I think someone’s forgotten who the photog was of a certain preggo picture way back in seminary days. Hint: M E !!! I don’t want to have to resort to blackmail. So, I’ll just throw this out there…

Hand over the rockin meatball recipe or else I’ll be forced to search through my many pictures of the old days and post them loud and clear here on MY BLOG!!

Don’t make me get crazy!

Do I need to bring up WHITE TRASH CHICKEN? I have no ability to stop myself from guilting you into sharing. So just have mercy…

Look how things went all because you HAD TO PRAY about it.

The leftovers

I would rank them in the mediocre category. Anyone could’ve whipped them up. While I’ll never be the meatball expert you are… one turned them away and I even had a few leftover. Someday, when I grow up–I hope to make some as yummy as yours.

Creator of WTC (don’t hate)!!

Nutella is my Kryptonite

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

I was warned! Friends, people who “pretended” to care if I grew 2 or 3 dress sizes, and strangers alike! All of them said, “Don’t do it!….you’ll get hooked!”.

The problem?

I kept forgetting to look for the stuff when I went to the grocery store! So, honestly…..I had my freedom! Until, Gates and I were grocery shopping the other day and I “happened” upon it in the PB section. Hmm, Nutella?!! I’ve really been curious about you! The choices were a small jar for $3 something or a larger one for almost $6 bucks! I threw caution to the wind and went for it…..sure that the large jar would last FOREVER!!!

Oh yes!

Word is out on the street! I’m addicted like a junkie is to drugs! I literally have to walk away from the jar and WILL MYSELF to stay away from it. IT IS DELICIOUS!!!! Gavin and Gates love it too! Ok? It’s not just me eating up this jar! I have OTHER innocent people animals gorging out on it too!

All I can say is…..someone keep it away from me. I’m powerless against it! Nutella–YOU OWN ME!!!