Hello August

I just realized it’s August 1st and I am in complete denial. Which shouldn’t shock anyone because I love living in that zone. What in the world happened?

Scrolling through social media, I see all your back-to-school photos and I’m a little sad to not be joining in UNTIL August 27th! Wow, Bozeman! School start dates never looked so exciting!

I can quit complaining now, huh?

I have applied to sub at the high school and still have no idea if they will “accept” me. 🙂 I’ve discovered in my lifetime that every school needs subs and high school is a special spot that not many have the courage to take on. Which is so funny to me because I’d rather hunt in front of Dick Cheney than work at an elementary or middle school.

High schooler’s are my jam!

And as God would have it, I’ve already made a bud from Bozeman HS! I found him in a hottub in Sheridan, WY on my way to Bozeman last week. His name is Jack and he’s going to be a junior. See how God is?

Today I’m heading to lunch with a new friend and I am so excited! Pray for me that I don’t bowl her over with all of my….me-ness!

It’s been a while since I’ve had “friends”.

Let me be a real friend and not a superficial surface friend. Thank you for every opportunity you give me to be your hands and feet. I am so blessed that someone new wants to share life with me.

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