Hoarders Meatball Style

I have this friend (or should I say, I thought we were friends). She makes a mean meatball. I’ve even watched her do it, so really I have no excuse as to why I can’t replicate the recipe. Other than….I didn’t watch that closely. She could’ve put anything in the bowl when I wasn’t looking. And let’s be honest here, I didn’t feel the need to watch her every move. Hello? We’re friends.

Now, I suffer for it.

Because said friend has this death clinch on her meatball recipe. I sent her an email asking nicely for a little direction. No response (I forgive her for being “too busy”) then I resorted to using one of my kids as a messenger. What I heard back…..disturbs me even now.

“She’s praying about it!”.


Oh girl! It’s on like a donkey kong now! 😉

Nobody puts baby in the corner over a meatball recipe! I think someone’s forgotten who the photog was of a certain preggo picture way back in seminary days. Hint: M E !!! I don’t want to have to resort to blackmail. So, I’ll just throw this out there…

Hand over the rockin meatball recipe or else I’ll be forced to search through my many pictures of the old days and post them loud and clear here on MY BLOG!!

Don’t make me get crazy!

Do I need to bring up WHITE TRASH CHICKEN? I have no ability to stop myself from guilting you into sharing. So just have mercy…

Look how things went all because you HAD TO PRAY about it.

The leftovers

I would rank them in the mediocre category. Anyone could’ve whipped them up. While I’ll never be the meatball expert you are…..no one turned them away and I even had a few leftover. Someday, when I grow up–I hope to make some as yummy as yours.

Creator of WTC (don’t hate)!!

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