Tennessee Wedding

I'm blessed to have such amazing friends.  God knew just the people I'd need in my life to love me and accept me (just the way I am).  I remember arriving in a new town with three little kids in tow and wondering if I'd ever find real friends.  Little did I know, God had big plans for me.  While there, hubby and I would make several lifetime friendships — a gift that I thank God for…everyday!

This weekend we travelled down south to Tennessee to be with our longtime friends & celebrate the marriage of their oldest son, Dustin.  He's the first of all of our kids to tie the knot, so we are all a bit sappy sentimental about the whole occasion.  He and his beautiful bride, Kandace have been best friends since Kindergarten.  It was truly a divine appointment because we believe nothing happens on accident.

When we arrived late on Friday night..this was the scene of Kandace's family dining room.  Beautiful fresh flowers everywhere.  Outside people were working tirelessly on the beautiful lawn preparing for the big event.  The family had a pond dug  and a dock built just for the occasion.  Everything looked amazing.  I loved every sweet little detail.   


The next morning (which would be WEDDING DAY) we were left to our own at our friends house while they handled last minute wedding details.  


See that container?  What would you say is in there?  Sugar?  Yea, me too.  After making coffee and finding no fancy creamer in the fridge, I decided to make it the old fashioned way (milk & sugar GASP!).  I took a big sip of my morning nectar only to find it was SALTY!!

Who puts salt in a large container like that?  Sick!   

Walking down the aisle…This is my friend, Marilyn and her 2 other sons…Cody & Tanner.  Her smile is a reflection of how much she loves her boys.  I've been blessed to watch her mother her sons.  She's fun and they love her so openly!


Kandace looked so beautiful and Dustin was beaming with pride when she crossed that bridge with her father.  No one knew…but she forgot her veil inside. Oh well.  She was perfect!


The whole night was a big party.  Every guest was invited to record a special message for the couple.  



The next morning we all slept in because we were dog tired.  I loved having some visit time with my friend and some SALT FREE COFFEE!!  The biscuits and chocolate gravy were delicious too!


Before the wedding, Gates & Dawn (who we called DawnCody because she and hubby share the name Don/Dawn) flash their pretty fans.  


Having fun in the kitchen.  Isn't that where all the worlds biggest problems are handled anyway?

We stayed in Florence, Alabama near the river.  So before we left..we went down to enjoy some of the waterfall beauty.  Can you tell it's 105 degrees there?  

The spray of the water felt glorious!  Do these people look old enough to have married kids?

Two of our kids were not able to join us…so Gates was thankful for DawnCody in a family of boys.  These guys have been like brothers to her since she was a baby!  They fuss & tease like family.

Sharing times like these with friends reminds me how much God loves me.  Our lives are rich because of the people in it.  I want to tuck the memories in my heart and keep them there forever.

Even the salty coffee!  wink

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