Laundry Mat Blues

I’ve been to the laundromat before so it’s not like I’m some sort of privileged snob. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I own my own machines at home and that I don’t have to haul the gazillions of loads across town to Soap-n- Suds. Today is day 7 of not having a washing machine. I literally could not take it anymore.


The real reason I’ve resorted to the laundromat is Gavin’s bed stuff. He’s been sleeping in a huge quilt on his bed since the 1st day of dead washer 2012. The hairy beast of a dog chose that night to get sick on his bed…through every layer of bedding. Nice, huh!


So here I sit all high & mighty with a thankful smile on and the bedding washed. I even washed 2 loads of white clothes too (for good measure). I can’t wait to make his bed. Now the cable guy coming tomorrow won’t have to wonder why I make my kids sleep so trashy!

Appearances. Why do we worry so?

My lesson today is don’t be too quick to judge. Whether it be washing clothes at the laundromat or driving an older car…there are good reasons for the choices people make. My life is blessed because I’ve done both.

Don’t be alarmed though, I’m planning to KISS my fancy new washer tomorrow. As soon as Mr. Delivery guy gets out of sight!

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