All At Once

Ever notice how everything happens at once?  Weeks have come and gone. I've been left home to my own devise for most of the summer. No car, no peeps…just me and the two dogs. Today, Gavin came home during the morning twice. Gates came home between class & work. My school pal, Valerie called and then came over for a visit. 

The angels guys delivering my new washer showed up after lunch. It's been like a whirlwind of activity here. I'm almost feeling overwhelmed with all the busy! I started thinking after I sorted all the piles of laundry to be done in my beautiful new washer. I should pace myself with all this activity…

Oh, but the day isn't done…sometime in the next few hours more company will wander all through my house in the form of CABLE GUYS! My family is really excited about our new cable. I care more about this—–>



Looks like Ms Gracie loves it too!

After the long week of no washing….the two of us will be getting well acquainted in the next few days!

Psssst–Did I mention how lovely it is?  It is gorgeous!  Who knew a washing machine could be soooooo pretty?  Tell me I'm not the only gal to go ga-ga over appliances?

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