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Birthday Shmirthday

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Here’s me. Today was my birthday.

This is what I looked like at lunchtime. I know, I look happy.

But it was stressful and busy at work. I came home with a whopping headache. Someone had a surprise for me.

Thank you to my sweet Ally for decorating in my honor and for the pretty scarf. Oh I loved the Owl City video too. She’s my GIFTS love language child!

While I was at work, my very dirty car got a complete detail job thanks to my Sweetboy! Smells awesome too. Yay!

My hubby went bonkers and PRE-ORDERED the new KINDLE FIRE for me! {I told him I wanted Botox!} Whoop whoop! I can’t wait to play with it. He says it will be a bit nicer than the Nook Color…..really? Ok, then. I’ll take it!

What I was really wishing for was a RED VELVET CAKE.

That was out of the question because I’m literally out of everything awesome to bake anything. Just my crazy luck, ya’ll! So, you can bet your sweet biffy that I’ll be creating some cream cheese madness this weekend in honor of my big 4 5!! Don’t worry….I will post pictures.

I loved reading the messages on my Facebook wall. It’s amazing how much love a person can get from all over the world. Thank you friends & family. I’m so very blessed.

Birthday is over. Tomorrow is a new day. Since it is officially still MY BIRTHDAY now–I’d like to make a wish:

A stress free Thursday & Friday at school. 🙂

Getting Over August

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

August was busy! I can say that because it flew by so fast that I barely remember it. I haven’t forgotten the long hot days though. They were killer! My whopping electric bill is proof! It’s one of the highest we’ve ever had. Dog it!

Many good things happened in August. So how will I ever top it?

My family traveled to Florida for a great vacation.

We visted with great friends along the way.

I enjoyed a great trip with my hubby.

Partied it up at a Colts game with fun friends.

Went to see one of THE BEST movies, ever!

Started back to school. Won a $100 giftcard to BestBuy. Took our favorite babysitter out for dinner (who lives far away). Spent some quality time tanning by a very nice pool. Read a couple interesting books. Let go of another child (to the college world). Enjoyed my nest being full. Dated my hubby. Stayed inside in the a/c. Shared precious conversations with forever friends. Watched my kids make a few forever friends.

I could go on but I won’t. You’re probably thinking of your own blessings about this last month. I’m just wondering…..HOW WILL I TOP IT?

My favorite season is fall. So I’m really excited about the next couple of months. High on my list of must do’s? JEANS, Sweatshirts & football! Welcome, Fall! What took you so long?