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Summer Weather Autumn’s Cheer

Thursday, September 1st, 2016


September, never disappoints. It literally blew in with the softest chilly breeze this morning. Perfect hot-tub weather. So, I obliged.

he sep

The summer heat is slipping away, slowly. Taking along with it the memories of flower beds over-flowing, tomatoes on the vine and endless mowing. For me, this summer has been a time of uncertainty and stress.

I’m learning to let it go and look forward.

September is a special month for me. Not only because I love the fall — it’s my wedding month. Every year for the last 27 years, the 16th comes around…reminding me that all those years ago I put on my most beloved dress and did my make-up & hair, hoping to take his breath away for the rest of his life.

He still behaves as though I do, so I capitalize on that by celebrating our love every year.

wedding day

It’s not just my anniversary though. I love September for all the other good things it offers too:

sep day

I’m almost giddy with excitement when I read over that list. Football, guac, PSL’s……CANDLES!!! Seriously, all my favorite things about this world! It’s no wonder why I picked September to marry my best friend!

It’s our month, baby!!!

sep new month

And September 2016 holds a whole new life for us! So, come on in September! We’ve been waiting for you, welcome!

Fall Bucket List

Thursday, August 30th, 2012


Since my air-conditioning is still iffy in my extremely hot car…I thought it would only be fitting for me to dream a little about the crispy cool fall weather that is just around the corner.  It is just around the corner, right?  Oh, it has to be.  I can't sweat take it much longer.  Hot hot hot!

Oh Indiana!  I love your beautiful fall weather with your bright lovely leaves and your hoodies & jeans.  I don't think I could ever miss another cool autumn again by moving back to Florida.  Unless there's a beach house involved and if that's the case….I'm outta here, y'all!

I know, my loyalties are wishy-washy!  But a beach bum….I am!



Decorate my front door area with fall mums & pumpkins.

Cook my family's favorite soups.

Take a trip to Brown County.

Go on a picnic with my hubby on the Ohio river.

Ride bikes with my kids.

Go camping.

Sit by the fire pit.

Bake breads & muffins.

Can pumpkin butter & jelly.

Vote for my new President!


What's your favorite season?  How will you celerate & enjoy it to the fullest?

Getting Over August

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

August was busy! I can say that because it flew by so fast that I barely remember it. I haven’t forgotten the long hot days though. They were killer! My whopping electric bill is proof! It’s one of the highest we’ve ever had. Dog it!

Many good things happened in August. So how will I ever top it?

My family traveled to Florida for a great vacation.

We visted with great friends along the way.

I enjoyed a great trip with my hubby.

Partied it up at a Colts game with fun friends.

Went to see one of THE BEST movies, ever!

Started back to school. Won a $100 giftcard to BestBuy. Took our favorite babysitter out for dinner (who lives far away). Spent some quality time tanning by a very nice pool. Read a couple interesting books. Let go of another child (to the college world). Enjoyed my nest being full. Dated my hubby. Stayed inside in the a/c. Shared precious conversations with forever friends. Watched my kids make a few forever friends.

I could go on but I won’t. You’re probably thinking of your own blessings about this last month. I’m just wondering…..HOW WILL I TOP IT?

My favorite season is fall. So I’m really excited about the next couple of months. High on my list of must do’s? JEANS, Sweatshirts & football! Welcome, Fall! What took you so long?