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Summer Weather Autumn’s Cheer

Thursday, September 1st, 2016


September, never disappoints. It literally blew in with the softest chilly breeze this morning. Perfect hot-tub weather. So, I obliged.

he sep

The summer heat is slipping away, slowly. Taking along with it the memories of flower beds over-flowing, tomatoes on the vine and endless mowing. For me, this summer has been a time of uncertainty and stress.

I’m learning to let it go and look forward.

September is a special month for me. Not only because I love the fall — it’s my wedding month. Every year for the last 27 years, the 16th comes around…reminding me that all those years ago I put on my most beloved dress and did my make-up & hair, hoping to take his breath away for the rest of his life.

He still behaves as though I do, so I capitalize on that by celebrating our love every year.

wedding day

It’s not just my anniversary though. I love September for all the other good things it offers too:

sep day

I’m almost giddy with excitement when I read over that list. Football, guac, PSL’s……CANDLES!!! Seriously, all my favorite things about this world! It’s no wonder why I picked September to marry my best friend!

It’s our month, baby!!!

sep new month

And September 2016 holds a whole new life for us! So, come on in September! We’ve been waiting for you, welcome!