Fall Bucket List


Since my air-conditioning is still iffy in my extremely hot car…I thought it would only be fitting for me to dream a little about the crispy cool fall weather that is just around the corner.  It is just around the corner, right?  Oh, it has to be.  I can't sweat take it much longer.  Hot hot hot!

Oh Indiana!  I love your beautiful fall weather with your bright lovely leaves and your hoodies & jeans.  I don't think I could ever miss another cool autumn again by moving back to Florida.  Unless there's a beach house involved and if that's the case….I'm outta here, y'all!

I know, my loyalties are wishy-washy!  But a beach bum….I am!



Decorate my front door area with fall mums & pumpkins.

Cook my family's favorite soups.

Take a trip to Brown County.

Go on a picnic with my hubby on the Ohio river.

Ride bikes with my kids.

Go camping.

Sit by the fire pit.

Bake breads & muffins.

Can pumpkin butter & jelly.

Vote for my new President!


What's your favorite season?  How will you celerate & enjoy it to the fullest?

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