Old Chicken Neck

Who wants to look old?

I've shared before how the "forties" are trying to do me in.  It's not like I'm clinging to my youth; wearing Hollister tee's & getting a tattoo.  I simply want to keep things fresh and not look like I'm a hundred years old.

Which brings me to my neck…

It has come to this.  Oh cute clothes and a pretty make-up'd face can deduct a few years off of your "real" age but……ladies, you can't hide your neck!  As soon as you look a few inches down from your pretty eyes, there it is.  Now, I don't know the condition of your neck….but mine?  Is scraggly!  It looks almost chicken like.  Or as if I've lived a rough life.

I wish I could cry, "When did this happen?".  But I can't.  I watched it happen.  Slowly, of course.  Every bathroom session, I've rubbed cream and lotions up and down it's wrinkly skin.  Still, it stares right back at me….old and worn out!  Hanging there, like a piece of old leather.

Like the author Nora Ephron, I feel bad about my neck too!

I've kicked into serious maintenance mode even though there are no possibilities of running into an old boyfriend or classmate.  I've read up on the best foods to eat for your skin (I don't like most of them, of course) and I've even bought into some fancy creams that are supposed to help "tone it up"!

Once the neck goes, you're old!

I guess I started noticing I'm not 30 something anymore when my hair took on it's own life.  It turned wiry and grey (not 50 shades, just ugly grey).  Cutting it, styling it, coloring it…nothing makes it behave.  It just does what it wants to do as if it's trying to tell me, "Just get old and move forward!".  I'm still fighting it!

My method of punishment… is a ponytail when it refuses to obey!  But what can you do to an old neck?  You're stuck!  So, tell me.  What is your nemesis these days?  How do you hide from it or make it work for you?

For me, I'm making the best of it because the way I see it, I'm still alive!  That's worth celebrating even if my neck is saggy and my hair is grey.  So while I'm left here to love and enjoy my life, I'll do the fashion savvy thing and wear a scarf!

A scarf can hide a multitude of sins, right?

–neckline too low?  cover it with a scarf!

–belly too chubby?  cover it with a scarf!

–neck all saggy?  cover it with a scarf!

–outfit not so awesome?  cover it with a scarf!

Have a great long weekend, friends!  And hey, kiss August goodbye while you're at it!



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