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Friday, November 11th, 2011

Is this not the coolest date ever? Wow, it’s awesome! I’ve heard a few wishful pregnant gals–pulling for the 11/11/11 birthdate. Who can blame them? It would definitely be one of the coolest birthday’s ever! Admit it, It’s that cool!

Not only is this a cool day to call your birthday….it’s also VETERANS DAY!!! God bless the many who have given their service to our country. I am able to live free and safe in a world ‘gone mad most days’, thanks to those who protect America. Thank you just doesn’t quite seem good enough. Does it?

Now if this doesn’t flip your wig–nothing will! Since it’s 11/11/11, McDonald’s is getting in on the happiness of the date with Mac Madness day. Woot woot! You can buy the famous double-pattied goodness for $1.11 from 11am – 11pm. Yea, baby! Check it, ya’ll! Only catch? I think it’s an “Indiana” deal!

Oh, you’re welcome! πŸ˜‰

Do something amazing to mark your spot on 11-11-11 and enjoy your weekend, friends.

Birthday Shmirthday

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Here’s me. Today was my birthday.

This is what I looked like at lunchtime. I know, I look happy.

But it was stressful and busy at work. I came home with a whopping headache. Someone had a surprise for me.

Thank you to my sweet Ally for decorating in my honor and for the pretty scarf. Oh I loved the Owl City video too. She’s my GIFTS love language child!

While I was at work, my very dirty car got a complete detail job thanks to my Sweetboy! Smells awesome too. Yay!

My hubby went bonkers and PRE-ORDERED the new KINDLE FIRE for me! {I told him I wanted Botox!} Whoop whoop! I can’t wait to play with it. He says it will be a bit nicer than the Nook Color…..really? Ok, then. I’ll take it!

What I was really wishing for was a RED VELVET CAKE.

That was out of the question because I’m literally out of everything awesome to bake anything. Just my crazy luck, ya’ll! So, you can bet your sweet biffy that I’ll be creating some cream cheese madness this weekend in honor of my big 4 5!! Don’t worry….I will post pictures.

I loved reading the messages on my Facebook wall. It’s amazing how much love a person can get from all over the world. Thank you friends & family. I’m so very blessed.

Birthday is over. Tomorrow is a new day. Since it is officially still MY BIRTHDAY now–I’d like to make a wish:

A stress free Thursday & Friday at school. πŸ™‚

70 Never Looked So Good

Friday, January 28th, 2011

I still remember the first time I met her. It was at church. I was a guest of her son. She was beautiful, loving and welcoming. I knew instantly that I would love her a long time. And so did God.

I didn’t know then but she would soon be my mother-in-law.

Today she turns 70 which is crazy because she acts like she’s 40 (and I act 70). She’s fun-spirited and full of wild ideas. I can’t get around her that I don’t laugh at her shenanigans. I know exactly where my fun husband gets his sense of humor. I LOVE THEM BOTH!! πŸ˜‰

In the 22 years that I’ve known her…she’s taught me what it means to love others (even unlovable people) and about forgiveness (even when it hurts to do it). Her faith in Christ is evident and her willingness to share Jesus with her family blesses me. She went from being a mother of two sons to a mother-in-law to two daughters and a grandmother to three grandkids and made it all look easy.

I hope some of that grace rubbed off on me!

I wish you sweet birthday blessings MARY SUE GALLOWAY!! May this day be special in everyway. You deserve a big fancy party with all the cutesy little foods you love. If I were there….we’d do it! Maybe next year, right? Celebrate and know WE ARE THINKING OF YOU way up here! I hope you know what a jewel you are to your family.

You are the greatest Proverbs 31 example I could ever ask for.


Cause I am good at random…

Monday, March 15th, 2010

This week is full! Everyday, packed! It’s Ally’s birthday week. I say week….because it’s on Wednesday (17th) and she wants to celebrate with us, her cherished family unit that night. Then, really party on Friday night with the cool people in her life known as teenager friends! At our house!

Lame! πŸ™‚

I have to work all week. My house is disgustingly dirty. Stuff needs to be done. I’ve been sick forever. A good party requires lots of planning and cooking. Which was no big deal when I stayed home for a living. But now….it’s tricky! I need some energy & stamina! And a maid!

Also, she has some things on her wish list that just crack me up. These make her preppy daddy so happy and she wants them. He’s been a fan of these since high school (the 80’s).

The other dream item has become my ebay watchdog job! Vera Bradley sure knows how to snag a girl’s heart. This backpack is adorable! The bids are getting tight so we’ll see if we win or not. Oh the excitement of it all!

On another note….cause I like to bounce around on all topics. Two weekends ago was the Ladies Retreat at Zenas Baptist Church. It fell on the day we lost our Mamaw (so it was quite a zinger of a day). I haven’t had a chance to blog about it or post any pictures but I wanted to say it was fantastic! Those ladies know how to retreat! I felt so welcomed as their guest speaker. They were fun, warm and full of love.

God really blessed me…..and I was there for them. The Fruit of the Spirit was a great topic too. Thank you sweet friends of Zenas. I hope you plan to retreat every year!

What I Did On My Fall Break Vacation

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Remember every year at the beginning of school…..the teacher would have you write about your summer vacation? Yea, me too! Today is Monday….also known as…..the day everyone in my family has to snap back to reality and get back to school. Shoot! I could use a day or so to get myself a little more psyched up. Can you sense my back to school apprehension? I figured you could.

It was a great and glorious little break from reality. Four days of sleeping in and hanging out. Just what the doctor ordered (if he was ordering that is). On Thursday, we girls stayed home in our pj’s much of the day. It was hubby’s birthday so I did some cooking and made some of his favorite foods. The evening was spent together eating and watching his choice of movie (yes, we live crazy in our family)…Transformer’s #2. It turned out to be my favorite so far.

On Friday, the plan was to visit IU. We took off in that direction with a box of winter needs for sweetboy and an overnight bag for Ally. She had been dying to spend the night with him ever since he started school. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sleep on a concrete floor of a dude’s dorm room? Duh! She loved the visit. She did tell me the next day that she doesn’t know why Gavin doesn’t come home more…..the food at home is MUCH better! πŸ™‚

We flew back into town that night right at 8:00pm. Just in time for the baby and her peeps to peel out for some fun at Fear Fair. Again, there we sat……”empty nesters”! We made use of our time alone and scarfed down leftover birthday food and watched our favorite Thursday night shows on DVR. Our life is one of sheer envy, I know. Just dream….it could happen to you too. πŸ™‚

We couldn’t just stop the fun on Sunday…..our Colts! Man, they are on fire! 6-0 !! What else can I say? They’re just awesome! After the game we headed out with our “friends” Mike & Amy….(yea I’m using that term loosely) to the Mennonite Church outside of town. They were hosting The Woodsmen in concert. It was a loud gospel celebration! One worthy of ringing ears and happy hearts. We had fun, really!

Now I wish I could just end it there….but that’s not quite all. We thought it would be fun to go to McDonald’s after the “concert” and talk. I really wanted an iced coffee but I knew better than to hype my brain up like that so I settled for a coke. Oh well…I’ve spent the last 11 hours dreaming of sleeping. Yea, my eyeballs were half open all night. I should crash and burn sometime after lunch today.

And that, my friends…is what I did on my fall break vacation. Don’t hate me!