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Friday, November 11th, 2011

Is this not the coolest date ever? Wow, it’s awesome! I’ve heard a few wishful pregnant gals–pulling for the 11/11/11 birthdate. Who can blame them? It would definitely be one of the coolest birthday’s ever! Admit it, It’s that cool!

Not only is this a cool day to call your birthday….it’s also VETERANS DAY!!! God bless the many who have given their service to our country. I am able to live free and safe in a world ‘gone mad most days’, thanks to those who protect America. Thank you just doesn’t quite seem good enough. Does it?

Now if this doesn’t flip your wig–nothing will! Since it’s 11/11/11, McDonald’s is getting in on the happiness of the date with Mac Madness day. Woot woot! You can buy the famous double-pattied goodness for $1.11 from 11am – 11pm. Yea, baby! Check it, ya’ll! Only catch? I think it’s an “Indiana” deal!

Oh, you’re welcome! 😉

Do something amazing to mark your spot on 11-11-11 and enjoy your weekend, friends.