70 Never Looked So Good

I still remember the first time I met her. It was at church. I was a guest of her son. She was beautiful, loving and welcoming. I knew instantly that I would love her a long time. And so did God.

I didn’t know then but she would soon be my mother-in-law.

Today she turns 70 which is crazy because she acts like she’s 40 (and I act 70). She’s fun-spirited and full of wild ideas. I can’t get around her that I don’t laugh at her shenanigans. I know exactly where my fun husband gets his sense of humor. I LOVE THEM BOTH!! 😉

In the 22 years that I’ve known her…she’s taught me what it means to love others (even unlovable people) and about forgiveness (even when it hurts to do it). Her faith in Christ is evident and her willingness to share Jesus with her family blesses me. She went from being a mother of two sons to a mother-in-law to two daughters and a grandmother to three grandkids and made it all look easy.

I hope some of that grace rubbed off on me!

I wish you sweet birthday blessings MARY SUE GALLOWAY!! May this day be special in everyway. You deserve a big fancy party with all the cutesy little foods you love. If I were there….we’d do it! Maybe next year, right? Celebrate and know WE ARE THINKING OF YOU way up here! I hope you know what a jewel you are to your family.

You are the greatest Proverbs 31 example I could ever ask for.


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