The Readers

Remember my story confession about my need to see? I laid my soul bare for the world when I blabbed about my blindness. It was humbling, ok?

Hello….who wants to be called old?

Even though….if the shoe fits? 😉

I broke down and bought the suckers, ok? Matter of fact, I bought two pair. After sitting in church on Sunday…..squinting like the sun was blaring into my corneas, I decided NO MORE!!! I couldn’t even see the words in THE WORD!

Not cool, ya’ll!

I drove directly to Walgreens, grabbed the Sunday sale ad and boom, right on the front page was the Buy One Get One Free ad for READERS!! Yay me!

Since then….I’ve been dizzy, cross-eyed and just all around out of sorts (visually). I am trying so hard to get used to them. One of my big problems is using them to work on the computer and turning to do something else. Major adjustment!

But guess what? I CAN SEE WHAT I’M READING NOW!!!

Take a look at mamaw & papaw.

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