Twitter Hates Me

I’m following along on Monday nights with Lysa Terkeurst’s Made To Crave webcasts. Each time, the twitter folks are hot and heavy tweeting away. I am jealous. I try to tweet along (ilke the rest of the cool kids). But, I can’t figure out how.

I tweet. Then I never see my tweet anywhere except on my own page and who wants to come over there and tweet with me when all the action is over at Made To Crave? Grrr!


Then after all the fun at MTC….the (in)courage chicks had a Twitter Party going on. Double grrrr! Again, I tried and tried to chat along and instead ended up looking like the reject kid not getting picked for any of the teams. Embarrassing!

When……when will I learn to twitter like all the cool people?

I think I might be twitter-tarded! And I do not mean that in an insulting way to anyone! Promise! I really have NO CLUE!!

Pray for me!?

My twitter handle?

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