Thanking God It’s Friday

I know I’m only on day #2 of school…..but good grief, I’m so glad it’s Friday! During the school year, Friday’s are my homegirl! It’s THE day that makes my heart sing. Why? Well, because! It means I survived a whole week of early mornings, racing the snails on Hwy 50 to school (that’s less than 2 miles away from my house) and everything else that goes with getting a family through a work week! I find it exhilerating… pull it all off! 🙂

Today begins my love affairs with Friday again.

Hello, FRIDAY!

You never looked so good!

My weekend is set with activities. Fun stuff mixed with busy-ness! I’ll be packing up my Sweetboy for college (he leaves on Monday) then cracking the homework whip for my girls and we’ll end the weekend cheering on our favorite team EVER…THE COLTS! We have tickets to the game on Sunday! Yeehaw! Woohoo! Me so happy! 🙂

May your weekend be filled with fun & family too!

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