The day Mama went crazy at the Colts game!

It’s been a busy weekend at my house. My oldest is leaving for college and his first apartment. My nerves…they are a shakin! Much of my free time was spent organizing and packing. Who am I kidding? I didn’t have any free time. It was pack, clean, move boxes…step over stuff, make food, sneak in a bathroom break. Repeat. All weekend! I don’t want to admit this but…..I’m sorta glad to see Monday get here.

Sick! Those words are painful to even admit!

All of this obviously play a part in my psychological well being. Kid moving. Tons of stuff to pack. People wanting to be fed. Oh and did I mention that we had tickets to the Colts game on Sunday? Of course, one more thing to our list on the busiest weekend ever. Maybe this would be a good time to throw in a sinus infection and a little PMS!! Great combination.

It was a set-up! Satan style! 🙁

I self medicated my sinus infection with a nasal spray and allergy pill (both of which I have taken in the past). I also had an infection of another sort going on and used a medication late Saturday night for that. Somehow, my body didn’t take kindly to either set of medications. Because before we even left home, I was barking at my family a bit harshly. Passionately! Ok, I was feeling C R A Z Y !! I knew I wasn’t feeling normal.

I should’ve stayed home. Really! Hindsight, 20/20!

The game was a disaster. The Colts were playing hard but coming up short against San Francisco. We cheered them on anyway. Behind us there were a couple of guys having a good time. That’s cool! I was there for fun too. But they were getting increasingly louder and crazier through the game. Then they started inviting their “friends” down to the good seats once people around us started leaving. Again, that’s cool! Except they kept yelling out for a certain, “DAVID”! David staggered down finally and made his drunken appearance known to all. He was the friend that everyone in that age group has…..the one they all laugh at when he’s drunk because he gets into big trouble! You know that friend, right? That was David!

Everything was going smoothly until he heard the LAST CALL for beer yell. He staggered over (right behind hubby and I) to the beer vendor and buys 2 more beers. I didn’t have a good feeling…..I knew he was not in condition to take on any more beer. But, hey…who am I? I’m not his friend, they are. They just laughed and watched the spectacle. Before he could park it in his seat…..he poured his beer down my daughter’s hair and back soaking her and her seat!

That’s when the lights went out in Georgia, ya’ll!

Me, my mixture of sinus med’s & a roaring PMS monster snapped! I jumped up and YELLED!!! DUDE, SIT DOWN & BEHAVE!!! Then, I proceeded to snap at him like I was his mother and he was in BIG trouble! {Yes, I’m embarrassed about it!!} All I can say is that I wasn’t in my right mind. Maybe I don’t even have a mind. I don’t know. It was just awful! I reacted terribly! I wanted to stop myself….but I couldn’t! Have you ever had a moment where you were almost watching yourself from outside of your body? Well, that was it for me!

Poor guy, he did apologize! But me—the whole world had to see me act crazy! Plus, my kid who thinks alcohol is the devil…..was having her own little soaking wet meltdown and was crying. What could I do? It’s not a memory that I want to cling to…but I have a feeling it’s one that anyone in a 6 row radius of me and my family will laugh about for years to come! Boohoo! 🙁

Note to self: Do not mix sinus med’s & PMS!
May cause crazy behavior against innocent people & drunk dudes!

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