Up In Smoke

This week has been a little rowdy! That’s just how I roll, ya know? I’ve been too busy to blog! Monday morning started off with a bang! No, with smoke! In the middle of morning road-rage traffic….my car broke down! I wasn’t driving or even in it, Ally was. 🙁

Poor kid! She dropped Gates and I off at school, then took off for intern at 911. When she pulled away from the curb, I looked at her….as I listened to the “funny” sound my car was making and prayed, “God, please take care of her and my car!”. I made it into the building just in time to get her call on my cell.


There’s nothing more frustrating than being away from your kids when something is going wrong in their lives. You just feel helpless! In my case, I was inside the school building and she was down the street! {I had no car…she was in mine!!} I called hubby who was still home with Sweetboy preparing to leave for his big move-in. Luckily, he was there in a flash to rescue her.

They brought the car home and put stuff in the radiator only to find it wasn’t going to hold. Cracked radiators don’t usually do much more than leak….everywhere! So depressing! Seriously!

Thankfully, my favorite friend ever at JCHS (Betsy) gave us a ride home from school and offerred her “mechanic” hubby’s services (if needed). Can you say, “Wanna come over for dinner?”. That evening the hubby’s worked on replacing my $270 radiator in record time. God bless them both! They rock! While under the hood, they found I need a new water pump too. Gosh, I’m glad they know stuff! So, next to be repaired is that.

The best part? I was going to take off work that day and help Gavin move to IU. I’m more than thankful that God directed my steps otherwise. It would have been really crummy to be loaded with STUFF and broke down 2 hours away from home! Bleh!

Friends are such a blessing! I can’t even express my thankfulness for Pat and Betsy! God bless you guys! 🙂

Oh, have you heard about HGTV’s Great Fall Fix-Up Sweepstake? Good, now go and enter quick! Who couldn’t use $75,000 big ones to do a little fixing up?

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